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Lymphology and oncology (1)

E-learning ICPTO 2021  

This E-learning is a collaboration between the Dutch Institute of Allied Health Care (NPi) and the Danish Society for Oncological and Palliative Physiotherapy (DOPF), and is intended for Danish physiotherapists.

The E-learning ICPTO 2021 consists of viewing nine recorded presentations of the 2nd International Conference on Physical Therapy in Oncology (ICPTO), which took place on 3-4 May 2021, and answering the corresponding test questions. NPi is responsible for administering the test. Participation in the E-learning and a passed exam (at least 70% = 14 or more correct answers on the 20 test questions) will elicit issuance of a course certificate.

Participants have three attempts to pass the exam.There is no time limit per attempt.
You can interrupt the e-learning and then continue where you left off via 'MyNPi'.
The study load is estimated as three hours.

The E-learning consists of the following topics and presentations:

A. Bone metastases

  • Exercise prescription for cancer patients with bone metastases
  • Exercise for cancer patients with bone metastases in the spine
  • Bone disease and exercise in relation to patients with multiple myeloma

Learning objectives:

  • The participant has knowledge of risk stratification in patients with bone metastases.
  • The participant has insight into the safety and structure of exercise/training interventions in patients with bone metastases (and specifically in patients with bone metastases in the spine or in patients with multiple myeloma).

B. Frailty & Muscle health

  • Muscle function,structure andexercise physiology
  • Oncogeriatric frailty screening for various cancer diagnoses
  • Exercise in frail persons

Learning objectives:

  • The participant can describe the effects of chemotherapy on exercise tolerance.
  • The participant has knowledge of the background, and understands the consequences of frailty in patients with cancer.
  • The participant can describe how screening for frailty takes place in patients with different types of cancer.

C. Cachexia

  • Nutrition and exercise in cachexia management - state of the art
  • Resistance training and cachexia

Learning objectives:

  • The participant has knowledge regarding the background, and understands the consequences, of cachexia for physical functioning in patients with cancer.
  • The participant has insight into the safety and structure of exercise/training interventions for oncological patients with cachexia.

Handouts of the presentations

The online test environment also contains the handouts of the presentations (as PDFs), so that these can be consulted when answering the questions.


The costs for the E-learning are € 99.00.

Physiotherapists who participated in the 2nd ICPTO can make the E-learning ICPTO 2021 free of charge. After logging in, the 100% coupon code will automatically appear in the checkout module.

Deadline for participation in E-learning ICPTO 2021

The E-learning ICPTO 2021 is available till 31 December 2021.

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Musculoskeletal (1)

E-learning ‘Tinnitus’    

Tinnitus is a common complaint in the general population, 10 to 15% of adults will experience this in life and 69% of these people also suffer from neck pain. Tinnitus also occurs in approximately 60% of patients with TMD-related complaints. In certain cases (about 25%), neck pain complaints as well as jaw pain complaints of these patients are also associated with tinnitus in a syndromic manner and are even considered a causal or influencing factor for tinnitus. From this idea arises the hypothesis that the tinnitus can be influenced by interventions with a musculoskeletal focus on the temporomandibular system and / or the cervical spine.

The aim of this e-learning is to make the complex problems of tinnitus in general and neck / jaw-related tinnitus in particular diagnostically recognizable. On the basis of recent evidence about somatic and non-somatic tinnitus, the student gets a picture of the possibilities with regard to diagnostics and the treatment options for patients with tinnitus within physiotherapy practice.

This e-learning consists of:

  • Three webcasts on ‘Tinnitus’ (total time: 46 minutes), namely:
    • Part 1: What is tinnitus? (17 minutes)
    • Part 2: Diagnostics of somatic tinnitus (7 minutes)
    • Part 3: Treatment of somatic tinnitus (22 minutes)

9 test questions (3 questions per webcast).

Target group
This e-learning has been developed for physiotherapists, manual therapists and orofacial physiotherapists.

Study load
It will take you approximately 1 hour to complete this e-learning.

The price of the e-learning is € 25.00.
After logging in, the price and payment module will appear at the bottom of the page.

If you have completed the entire e-learning and if you have correctly answered 75% or more of the corresponding test questions (at least 7 of the 9 test questions), you will receive a certificate. A maximum of two attempts can be made to correctly answer 75% of the test questions.

We wish you an instructive e-learning!

Prof. Sarah Michiels, PhD, professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation / physiotherapist / manual therapist
Michael Schermer, coordinator of Post-graduate Education / physiotherapist (non-practicing)

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